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Progress Check

The cabinet is 90% finished.  As soon as I get my new high-lip trackball I can wire up the control panel and move my focus to the software configuration, artwork, and LED-lit bling. .

It’s the little things

While I know that due to it’s design this machine won’t look like an ‘old-time’ game, I do want it to feel like a commercial machine when complete.  This means that I will be spending a lot of time doing re-work to eliminate errors and sweating the smaller details. An example of this mindset is …

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Most of the features and design elements on this cabinet have been done before.  This cabinet was inspired by Knievel’s original “Woody” and “Evolution” cabinets. Some of the Sketchup components I used (Coin Door, Pushbuttons) were created by BYOAC’s Xylosesame.  Those models can be found here. I borrowed the ‘roll out bottom’ idea from the …

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Bling, Baby!

This game machine is going to have a prominent spot in my family room for the forseeable future.  Because of this, one of my goals is that it be ‘furniture-like’ day-to-day and that it not be enormous and tacky.  The downside of this is that arcade machines of the 80’s were enormous and tacky, so …

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Construction Techniques

Tomorrow is when I will hopefully be putting together the main cabinet shape.  While my sketchup plan has ledgers holding the sides on, I have been thinking about it and I think instead I will use glued biscuit joints to hold it all together (where there isn’t laminate hindering a good glue bond.)   For …

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(No title)

Welcome the the Arcade Replay cabinet site. This is where I will be posting construction details for my new slim LCD Mame cabinet.  There will also be some discussion of this cabinet in >My BYOAC Announcement Thread<. When the cabinet is complete I will be posting my Google Sketchup plans. Thanks for your interest… Dave

Getting Ready to Build It

I finally sold Mamenation to make room for this machine.  We anticipate staring work this weekend., and the kids are going to help a lot on this one now that they are older.  I will post an album of the progress as we go.

No Progress

No news since October 2007…  yeah I know.  Work is super-busy and I started a regular workout routine so hobby time is a little sparse lately.  I should be able to start on it in the fall.  *crosses fingers*

Plans Firming Up

I made some significant improvements to the overall shape of the cabinet. This is close to the final design.

Replacing MameNation

It’s been four years since I built my “Mamenation” arcade machine, and we have enjoyed it thoroughly . The technology has come along way in those four years and Mamenation is HUGE, protruding rudely into our den. With the recent LCD price reductions it is now possible to build a slimmer arcade cabinet than was …

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