Replacing MameNation

It’s been four years since I built my “Mamenation” arcade machine, and we have enjoyed it thoroughly .


The technology has come along way in those four years and Mamenation is HUGE, protruding rudely into our den. With the recent LCD price reductions it is now possible to build a slimmer arcade cabinet than was previously possible with large, deep CRT tube-style monitors. All these facts, combined with the fact that I haven’t built anything cool in a few years, made me decide to build a new, slim arcade machine. I will be selling Mamenation to fund the new project.

Last time around I did paper sketches and it wasn’t conducive to quality work. This time around I used the opportunity to learn “Sketchup,” a free 3D modeling program from Google. It has a rather steep learning curve. I have spent about 15 hours with it so far and am now just starting to not be spastic with it. In the end it was worth it because it gives you the ability to look at your creation from any angle before it ever exists.

Here is the fhe first draft of the design I am leaning toward:


I have ordered all the parts that I need and should start construction soon if work doesn’t keep me working late too much.

Update 10/6/2008 – I sold Mamenation.  :{

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