Category: 8) Software Configuration

Lighting Effects

With its wood-tone laminate sides, the cabinet looks somewhat furniture-like when off. One of my stated goals for this project has been to have as close to a realistic arcade experience as possible when playing it.  What better to evoke the gaudiness and neon from an ’80’s arcade than LED lighting? The lighting is actually …

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The Front End menu design….

Here is the MALA Frond End I designed.   []

A Note on Sound

When complete, this machine will provide as close to the entire arcade experience as possible.  Part of that is Neon lights which will be discussed later. The other part is the electronic arcade ambient noise. The two speakers in the back will reflect arcade sounds subtly off the wall behind the cabinet for realism.  I accomplish this with TheShanMan’s …

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Long overdue update.

Slooow progress. -I installed the Novamatrix LINX LED marquee light. -The FE and MAME are configured and running. -The cold cathode lighting is installed underneath. Artwork and LED design/installation up next. So a few personal notes.  Keep in mind my last cabinet had a huge W-G D9200 Arcade Monitor.  I was concerned about moving to …

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Bling, Baby!

This game machine is going to have a prominent spot in my family room for the forseeable future.  Because of this, one of my goals is that it be ‘furniture-like’ day-to-day and that it not be enormous and tacky.  The downside of this is that arcade machines of the 80’s were enormous and tacky, so …

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