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Glass Bezel and Light Gun Sensor

Here is the new and improved painted safety glass. It’s a thousand times better than the matteboard.. I am delighted with how it looks.  The monitor image seems to hover in the blackness of the glass.     Here you see how I mounted the Aimtrak LED Lightgun Sensor. The foam board bezel I was using just …

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A Note on Sound

When complete, this machine will provide as close to the entire arcade experience as possible.  Part of that is Neon lights which will be discussed later. The other part is the electronic arcade ambient noise. The two speakers in the back will reflect arcade sounds subtly off the wall behind the cabinet for realism.  I accomplish this with TheShanMan’s …

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And Here is the Final Artwork Mockup

This is the final mock-up.

Marquee Artwork

This is the image I found online that served as my initial Marquee inspiration: This was the final product:

Long overdue update.

Slooow progress. -I installed the Novamatrix LINX LED marquee light. -The FE and MAME are configured and running. -The cold cathode lighting is installed underneath. Artwork and LED design/installation up next. So a few personal notes.  Keep in mind my last cabinet had a huge W-G D9200 Arcade Monitor.  I was concerned about moving to …

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Progress Check

The cabinet is 90% finished.  As soon as I get my new high-lip trackball I can wire up the control panel and move my focus to the software configuration, artwork, and LED-lit bling. .

Speaker Grille Fabrication

It was a gorgeous day out so I made did some more work finally.  First up, the speaker grill.  I made it out of 1/2″ MDF that is held on with really powerful rare earth magnets. First I screwed in some temporary router guides and cut the speaker holes, then I rounded it over and …

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Monitor Glass Support

I uesd my tablesaw to dado out an angled groove in a block of wood to support the tinted safety glass in front of the monitor.  I then used glue and pocket hole screws to fasten the block to the inside of the control panel.  This block will not be visible as the control panel …

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More Progress – Reworked Monitor Mount, Speaker Panel

I have redone the speaker panel and monitor mount, I am much happier with them now.  I ordered a piece of smoked tempered glass today, and will be spray-painting a ‘bezel’ on the back of it.   I also hope to cut the marquee plexi this weekend. Temporary router guides to cut the monitor opening: The …

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Laminating the Front

Next Step: laminateing the drawer fronts and finishing them with T-molding.