Category: 5) Arcade Controls

Lighting Effects

With its wood-tone laminate sides, the cabinet looks somewhat furniture-like when off. One of my stated goals for this project has been to have as close to a realistic arcade experience as possible when playing it.  What better to evoke the gaudiness and neon from an ’80’s arcade than LED lighting? The lighting is actually …

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Glass Bezel and Light Gun Sensor

Here is the new and improved painted safety glass. It’s a thousand times better than the matteboard.. I am delighted with how it looks.  The monitor image seems to hover in the blackness of the glass.     Here you see how I mounted the Aimtrak LED Lightgun Sensor. The foam board bezel I was using just …

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Progress Check

The cabinet is 90% finished.  As soon as I get my new high-lip trackball I can wire up the control panel and move my focus to the software configuration, artwork, and LED-lit bling. .

Arcade Controls

Here’s a quick overview of some of the parts I will be using. Ultimarc Ultrastick 360 Joysticks.  This electronic joystick will be configured to adjust it’s behavior based on what game you are playing.  This will eliminate the need for a separate 4-way stick for games like Pac Man. Happ 3″ Blue Translucent Arcade Trackball …

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