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Glass Bezel and Light Gun Sensor

Here is the new and improved painted safety glass. It’s a thousand times better than the matteboard.. I am delighted with how it looks.  The monitor image seems to hover in the blackness of the glass.     Here you see how I mounted the Aimtrak LED Lightgun Sensor. The foam board bezel I was using just …

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The Front End menu design….

Here is the MALA Frond End I designed.   []

Control Panel Overlay Applied

I applied the Control Panel Overlay and boy did it turn out nice. I am extremely satisfied with the product and service I received from Gameon Grafix. I have been using them for years and am always thrilled.

And Here is the Final Artwork Mockup

This is the final mock-up.

Marquee Artwork

This is the image I found online that served as my initial Marquee inspiration: This was the final product:

Control Panel Art

Styles change over time.  I was originally toying with a space theme (attached first below). Eventually I decided I wanted a design that screamed “RETRO” a little more.  I also felt my space theme lacked any particular style.  I really wanted to use this project to develop my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills a bit …

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Simulating Arcade Monitor Scan lines on a Modern Day LCD Screen

There are several good overlays included with MAME in the [Artwork] folder.  Just add the command line switch to your front end config. mame <game> –effect aperture1x2rb  (for low res displays) mame <game> -effect aperture2x4rb  (for high res displays) I am using RGB_KB.PNG, attached with a few others I found.  Just detach these into your …

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