Construction Techniques

Tomorrow is when I will hopefully be putting together the main cabinet shape.  While my sketchup plan has ledgers holding the sides on, I have been thinking about it and I think instead I will use glued biscuit joints to hold it all together (where there isn’t laminate hindering a good glue bond.)   For structural integrity and to create a place to securely fasten the control panel, I will also be adding a horizontal shelf under the control panel.

I have been very concerned about safety when designing the cabinet.  I am concerned that due to the decreased weight and depth, it might be prone to tipping forward.  To help reduce that likelihood, I have decided to use heavier MDF boards instead of plywood for all the rear-ward panels and shelves.  I think the design itself is stable enough, but this should help a little more.

If it turns out that the cabinet is tippy despife these efforts, I will need to consider replacing the back-bottom perf-board panel with MDF also.

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