Front Panels Installed

I needed to beef up the MDF Shelves so that I could glue and screw the front panels to it.  I did this by gluing and screwing oak boards onto the shelves.

You will note above I used a few angled pieces on the Keyboard Drawer to form a ‘drawer pull.’

Ad the end of the day, this is where I am:

The completed front Panels

To do next:

1) Stiffen up the roll-out box.  It is wobbly right now.
2) After cutting the hole for the coin door I will be laminating the drawer faces.  I will probably put t-molding on the edges of both, we will see.
3) create a monitor mounting system
4) create a system for mounting the tinted safety glass

I am saving building the Control Panel for last.  I want to give it a LOT of thought.

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