Want a copy of the plans for ArcadeReplay? Sure!

I am sharing the Arcade Replay Slim LCD Cabinet Sketchup model with a few lawyerly caveats.
– If you use the model please credit me in project announcements and webpages about the project
You may not, under any circumstances, sell the sketchup model
– Let me know using the comments feature if use them as the basis for a project, only for the sake of my curiosity. 
– If you sell cabinets substantially based on it and you appreciate my contribution you should kick me back a point or two of the profit.  It’s the honor system, I am not going to lawyer up and come get you or anything.  Your conscience is your guide. Use the ‘contact form’ if you want my paypal address.
– These are not precise nor complete plans.  The model is intended to give you rough dimensions only.  It is up to you to double check everything you do and make sure it makes sense. You need to be sure the machine is safe, balanced, etc. I am not responsible for any bad things resulting from the use of these plans.  
– Other than answering a question here or there on this site, I don’t plan on supporting people trying to recreate it.  BYOAC search is your friend.

If you agree to all this, you may download the sketchup model >>>> here <<<<<

Credit goes to Xylosesame from BYOAC for creating the Sketchup models for the buttons, spinner, trackball, Joysticks, and coin door. 

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