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Want a copy of the plans for ArcadeReplay? Sure!

I am sharing the Arcade Replay Slim LCD Cabinet Sketchup model with a few lawyerly caveats.– If you use the model please credit me in project announcements and webpages about the project– You may not, under any circumstances, sell the sketchup model– Let me know using the comments feature if use them as the basis for a project, only …

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Lighting Effects

With its wood-tone laminate sides, the cabinet looks somewhat furniture-like when off. One of my stated goals for this project has been to have as close to a realistic arcade experience as possible when playing it.  What better to evoke the gaudiness and neon from an ’80’s arcade than LED lighting? The lighting is actually …

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Glass Bezel and Light Gun Sensor

Here is the new and improved painted safety glass. It’s a thousand times better than the matteboard.. I am delighted with how it looks.  The monitor image seems to hover in the blackness of the glass.     Here you see how I mounted the Aimtrak LED Lightgun Sensor. The foam board bezel I was using just …

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The Front End menu design….

Here is the MALA Frond End I designed.   []

A Note on Sound

When complete, this machine will provide as close to the entire arcade experience as possible.  Part of that is Neon lights which will be discussed later. The other part is the electronic arcade ambient noise. The two speakers in the back will reflect arcade sounds subtly off the wall behind the cabinet for realism.  I accomplish this with TheShanMan’s …

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Computer Configuration

FOXCONN 6150K8MA-8EKRS Socket 939 Motherboard AMD A64 X2 3800+ 2.0G Dual-Core CPU ASUS DVD-E616A3T Reader 1GB Corsair RAM VS1GB400C3  (soon to be 3) Saitek Eclipse Backlit Keyboard Acer 5MS AL2017 20-” 4:3 LCD Monitor It’s all mounted to the inside – no PC case.  I fabricated an aluminium bracket to secure the add-in cards. Here’s what I am …

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Control Panel Overlay Applied

I applied the Control Panel Overlay and boy did it turn out nice. I am extremely satisfied with the product and service I received from Gameon Grafix. I have been using them for years and am always thrilled.

And Here is the Final Artwork Mockup

This is the final mock-up.

Marquee Artwork

This is the image I found online that served as my initial Marquee inspiration: This was the final product:

Control Panel Art

Styles change over time.  I was originally toying with a space theme (attached first below). Eventually I decided I wanted a design that screamed “RETRO” a little more.  I also felt my space theme lacked any particular style.  I really wanted to use this project to develop my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills a bit …

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